Four of our scientists: Krystian Kowiorski Ph.D., Kamil Kaszyca, Bartosz Bucholc, and Adrian Chlanda, Ph.D. represented our Institute during the 17th International Symposium on Novel and Nano Materials held in beautiful Jeju (South Korea) last week.

They had presented the idea of energy recovery from waste heat based on the thermoelectric Seebeck effect and discussed practical aspects related to the production of thermoelectric materials and their joining in the so-called thermoelectric modules.

It’s the presentation delivered by Adrian Chlanda, titled: “Introduction to waste energy harvesting using thermoelectric phenomenon – The COTEG project” that has been awarded as the best presentation at the conference.

During his speech, Adrian Chlanda has introduced to the audience the project which was established at Łukasiewicz – Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics. He has also mentioned the mission of our Research Network aimed to commercialize scientific results and explained the physical phenomena related to the thermoelectric effect, which governs energy harvesting from manifold heat sources, including… human body.

This year’s ISNNM conference has been extremely successful for our representatives. It was great to listen to many interesting lectures of a high scientific level and to establish contacts with representatives of the Korean Powder Metallurgy Society with the prospect of future cooperation.