Yesterday, we learnt that Nokia opened its 6G laboratory in India. However, the full implementation of 6G is expected at the end of the decade, as for now, this technology is still in the research and development phase… also at our Institute! Our researchers, including Krzysztof Szostak, Dorota Szwagierczak, Beata Synkiewicz-Musialska, and Jan Kulawik, are trying to obtain new ceramic substrate materials with low electrical permittivity at terahertz frequencies, suitable for use, e.g., in 6G communication systems.

We are pleased to announce that Krzysztof Szostak’s poster on ceramics based on the promising new material ULTCC (Ultra Low-Temperature Cofired Ceramics) – Li2WO4 – has been appreciated at the IMAPS 2023 Poland Chapter conference. Our scientist has received „Best Poster Presentation Award for Young Scientists.” He presented the characteristics of the phase composition and microstructure of the newly created material, as well as its electrical, physical, and mechanical properties.

In addition to our team from Łukasiewicz – IMiF, Norbert Pałka, professor at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, had also participated in the research and was responsible for measuring dielectric properties at high frequencies.

PS Although the topic presented directly at the conference has not been published yet, it was a continuation of research previously conducted by our researchers, which resulted in a publication in the renowned Journal of Advanced Ceramics which you can find here:

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