We’ve had some great news reach us at the end of September from the Polish Patent Office (UPRP), as we were issued as many as 2 patents, the subject of which is closely related to the LTCC technology developed for years by our team at Łukasiewicz – IMiF.

The first patent was granted to ceramics with a low-κ dielectric that can be used as a substrate for microwave systems. To make this material, which is compatible with commercial silver-based conductive pastes and has low electrical permittivity at THz frequencies, our researchers used zinc borate and magnesium titanate.

The second of the obtained patents was issued for an original ceramic tape on microwave LTCC substrates. To make the patented tapes, we have used zinc silicate (Zn2SiO4) with various additives to lower the sintering temperature.

Both patents respond to the ever-increasing demand for low-dielectric permittivity, low-sintering temperature materials suitable for high-frequency substrates and packages.

Such substrates can be used as components for systems operating at high frequencies (even those destined for 5G and 6G mobile networks).

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