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GaN-based Devices, Sensors, Thin-film Structures and Porous Materials

In Research Group of GaN-based devices, sensors, thin-film structures and porous materials four R&D areas are distinguished:
● GaN-based devices – technology and designing of GaN-based devices;
● Sensors, Thin-Film Structures and Surface Modification- (bio) sensors, thin film structures, medical materials, surface modification for sensors for medical (e.g. screening tests, personalized
medicine) or environmental applications and chemical analyses;
● Porous Materials – porous materials for gas sensors and supercapacitor-based energy micro-storage;
● 3D-structures – diffraction optics.

Research Group Leader:

Anna Szerling, Ph.D., D.Sc, Eng.
tel.: 22 548 79 55, 22 548 79 44

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