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The objective of the OxyGaN (‘Efficiency enhancement in GaN-based blue to blue-violet LDs by engineered nitride-oxide ohmic contacts’) project is to increase the efficiency of GaN blue to blue-violet laser diodes by introducing a novel contact scheme utilizing a bandgap-engineered transparent conducting oxide, ZnMgO:Al with contact interface engineering.

Overcoming the standing issues related to contact formation to vertical GaN-based opto/electronic devices, contact structures will be developed, raising the device efficiency by forming stable ohmic contacts to both n- and p-type surfaces, acting as both the metallization and waveguide for p-GaN, fabricated using means taking into account a simplified process integration and resource management.

The technology steps developed in the project will be finally integrated in a packaged laser diode demonstrator and the technology will be prepared for implementation on the production line of one of the partners, enabling resource-sustainable, more energy-efficient diodes for automotive, display, welding and patterning industries at lowered costs.

About the project

Project leader:

Michał Borysiewicz
Ph.D., D.Sc.


2021 Dissemination of results

2021 was a tough year in terms of conference participation with most of the meetings being postponed or cancelled altogether. The OxyGaN team also had to postpone the participation in the International Conference on Reactive Sputter Deposition 2021, but have successfully participated in several on-line or in person meetings including:

  • Aleksandra Wójcicka, Ildikó Cora, János Lábár, Zsolt Fogarassy, Adél Rácz, Tatyana Kravchuk, and Michał A. Borysiewicz, “Multifactorial investiga-tions of the deposition process – material property relationships of ZnO:Al thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering in DC, pulsed DC and RF modes using different targets“ at the 49th International School & Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors “Jaszowiec 2021”(on-line)
  • Tatyana Kravchuk, Aleksandra Wójcicka, Zsolt Fogarassy, Adél Rácz, János Lábár, Ildikó Cora, and Michał A. Borysiewicz, “Understanding the room-temperature growth and deposition process of the transparent conducting ox-ide ZnO:Al thin films” at the 19th Israel Materials Engineering Conference (IMEC 2021)

Additionally, selected results were included in the following seminar

  • Zsolt Fogarassy, Ildikó Cora, Csaba Dücső, Béla Pécz, Aleksandra Wójcicka, Michał A. Borysiewicz, Péter Németh, “Nanoszerkezetű 1-, 2-, 3-dimenziós anyagok (pásztázó) transzmissziós elektron-mikroszkópiája ((S)TEM)” given at 19.10.2021 at the Seminar of the Vacuum Physics, Technology and Applications Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Scientific Committee for Electronic Devices and Technologies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

The first OxyGaN newsletter is now live!

A difficult first year of work with exciting results, including some of the the lowest AZO resistances ever shown for unheated film deposition and overcoming obstacles with uniform Mg introduction to ZnMgO:Al.

If you find any of our results interesting, we’d be glad to hear from you – contact address in the newsletter.

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Michał Borysiewicz, Ph.D., D.Sc.